For our evening of roasting & toasting, a few of my favorite decorations were the three s’more trees.

Lovely additions to our dessert bar and lively conversation starters. I also think these trees would look great in bubblegum pink for a girls party, or in red with velvet cake flowers for a more formal gathering.

Make your own:

Start with a bunch of wooden kitchen skewer sticks, or real branches if you have them. Begin assembling the tree shape and break off each stick to be the correct size (hint: leave the sharp end on the outside to make threading the marshmallow easy). Once you have a rough structure begin connecting the branches using a dab of hot glue and holding them together for about 3 minutes each to set.

Leave the tree to dry for a few hours and then bless it with a a few strong doses of spray paint. Spray paint will not only give you a fun tree color but will also help to secure the sticks together.

Once your tree is ready, find a vase and stick it into floral foam so that it will stand up steady. Unless you don’t have any (like me) then stick it into a bag of whatever you can find, mine were stuck in one bag of coconut and one bag of kisses, sneaky!

Cover the ground bellow the tree with a heavy layer of teddy grams for dirt. Then begin to add the marshmallow flowers and the chocolate leaves. My chocolate leaf recipe is even more yummy than it looks and it’s the absolute simplest to make. A small dab of Cornsyrup is an easy way to hold the leaves in place on the branches.

Stick the marshmallows straight onto the outer branches. To get them on the inside branches you will have to cut the marshmallows open and stick them on. You can see in the below picture what I am talking about, the bottom marshmallow had been heckled at this point and is showing its unsightly cut open bottom-side to you.

Once you get everything arranged perfectly on the tree, stand it in position and watch your guests pick their gooey flowers off with joy.