If you happen to be looking for a fun party theme submarines might be just it. My current obsession with these little yellow ones is causing me to dream of being submerged under the water happily floating around.

I envision this party for a little boy, complete with a homemade submarine puzzle, a little bit of Beetles in the background and perhaps a deep sea dive into a nearby pool- a handful of boys with their snorkels sticking out of the water would make a lovely picture indeed.

Inspiration for throwing a submarine party-

The goods-

submarine ice cubes-  Freeze with lemonade in them for floating yellow submarine drinks.
Crochet- Adorable favors if you are so inclined, or simply a nice present for the birthday boy.
wall decal- A lovely way to decorate the wall behind the food table.
toy- Set a few of these out amongst the guests to encourage play.
Food- Serving subs is super easy.
Wine- A nod to that band that made the yellow submarine famous.
Invites & banner- My creations just loaded onto etsy, customizable for you.
Favor tags- A free D.I.Y for these will be up later today

Do you see why I am suddenly obsessed with these little guys? They would certainly make a wonderful party.