Welcome to this winter’s imperfect PARTY CHALLENGE. I am thrilled to be chatting with you over the next 6 weeks about the ideas, details and design process that contribute to a well put-on party. As well as those pesky issues that always seem to rear their ugly head to throw us all off track.

Are you participating? Will you be planning along with us? Or are you entering your own party to win the $100 Anthropologie gift card?

Inspiration should be where we all start when thinking about any endeavor, especially a party.

What inspires you to bless others through celebration- a birthday, a baby, a beautiful sunny day? What colors, designs or words bring delight to your heart as you think about your event? Whatever it is that comes to mind- capture it somewhere. By capturing it you have now begun an inspiration board.

Capturing your inspiration is important so that you have a foundation to build upon through the coming weeks. Your tracking could be as simple as a scratch paper filled with doodles and words, it could be a folder filled with pages and pictures. My inspiration boards are almost always kept online through Evernote, they have an amazing free online organization structure that allows me to tag pictures, recipes, and anything else with a simple mouse click. Once clicked it captures the pictures, the writing, and the url- allowing me to organize and categorize all of my lovely ideas in folders. It is a wonderful system for anyone who seeks out online inspiration.

The IMPERFECT PARTY CHALLENGE- Here is my inspiration

  • Inspiration often starts with a purpose- An afternoon charity event, helping an orphanage in Haiti to care for it’s babies.
  • After determining the reason I move on to the words that will inspire this event- Bloom is my word. Flowers that bloom because we are looking towards spring, flowers that bloom because it is what we hope to see after this tragedy, children being loved, life revived. Blooms popping up amidst the rubble.
  • Then my word moves on to take the form of images I see throughout life that get complied into a board- an inspiration board that becomes my starting point for everything else to come.

Bloom for Haiti,  an inspiration board-

  • A Christmas card from our wonderful parents, I love the blue glittery bird
  • Pom-pom flowers
  • A bunch of bloom-worthy circles found 90% off at Target and grabbed up right after Christmas
  • Bloom stationary that has become my paper inspiration
  • Martha’s flower pom-poms
  • Blossoms on a branch

(P.S. May I suggest if you want to participate in our contest but can not think of a reason to celebrate, why not host a party to help Haiti? You can use the event to bless those near you and those far away.)

Be sure to join the contest by posting your party pictures HERE. If you’d like, I would love to see a few items inspiring your party plans this week.